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By car Simone

By car Simone


By car Simone,
Our second stop.
After the 2cv reached the summit of the coast! We discover a farm in the middle of the hills surrounded by hills.
Thierry and Joceline welcome us and offer us a visit to their workplace.
The goat farm with the milking parlor, the flock of goats, goats kicking in the meadows.
Sheep, low court, donkeys complete this joyous band
A few pigs raised in the open air, fed whey, peelings, breads ... incredible that exists!
Then tasting goat cheese picodon, a little link you tube to understand everything

Goat terrines and pork, sausages enough to fill our bags ...
Mrs DUPRAZ, passionate people who share their daily life with visitors.
Visits by appointment in the morning or in the afternoon:

By car Simone goat
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