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Drôme region... ... Hiking and mountain biking

Explore Lus, La Jarjatte and the surrounding area with its peaceful atmosphere and authentic natural setting. Whether you love tranquillity or thrills, walking or biking, there is something here for everyone!

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ballades printanieres
The best spring walks at Lus-La-Croix-Haute Spring at Champ la Chèvre

Spring at Camping Champ la Chèvre
This is the season when the meadows are covered with flowers. A special time for experiencing the surrounding peaks: Lauzon, Les Aiguilles, Pic de l’Aigle, Clarée, Chamousset, Joccou and more.
All close to your accommodation at Champ la Chèvre.
Hikes can be arranged with a mountain guide who will introduce you to the region’s secrets and share their passion with your group.
After your hike, relax in our covered, heated swimming pool at Champ la Chèvre.
Let me introduce you to some flowers from our region between Drome and the Alps.

Spring flowers

Fritillaria is a reasonably rare plant which grows in the Hautes-Alpes. Regulations govern the picking of this flower. You can see it on hikes near our campsite, in the area of Riou.
The narcissus fill the fields with their fragrance in April and you can admire them up close right by Champ la Chèvre.
Pink, purple, blue and yellow orchis burst into full bloom from May onwards.

Blue is the star with:

Gentiana can be seen in several varieties: angustifolia and alpine.
Blue and white crocuses gather together in the pastures.
Alpine forget-me-nots grow in little clumps. Their flowers are blue with a yellow centre. 

lac du lauzon
Lake Lauzon hike

No. 47 loop track, 800 m change in altitude, 5 hours walking time. This hike takes you to Lake Lauzon.
The basin holding the lake surrounded by a rocky landscape provides stunning views of the natural, unspoilt setting.
Alpine newts live in the lake’s waters.
The changing vegetation includes the protected cotton-grass species.
Along the hike, you will discover a range of flower and plant species.
You might even come across a chamois, vulture or golden eagle.

tour du chevalet
Around Mount Chevalet

This hike takes you across alpine pastures offering unobstructed views.
The first uphill part follows the water course built by the shepherds, who created small waterfalls using stones they found nearby.
Mr Roger Durand, a shepherd, shared his childhood memories with me: “I watched over my father’s sheep and when I was a little boy I helped build these little dams so the herd could drink water. We worked hard in those days!”  
Take a moment at the Tournerond pass to rest and enjoy the views, watch the eagles soaring overhead and listen to the cries of the marmots.
After a slight downhill from the ridge you get to the Chante pass: alpine meadows scattered with thousands of springtime wild flowers including narcissus, pansy and orchis.
Nature is so beautiful in these peaceful, protected places.
Heading back to the hamlets of Sièzes and Amayères, you can discover alpine architecture.
Steeply sloping sheepfolds built with stones and flaky tiles. The houses cluster together.

Les grandes traversées du Vercors

We belong to GTV, a network of entities promoting and showcasing trails through the Vercors mountains. Journey along Vercors trails on foot, on horseback, with donkeys, by standard or mountain bike, and by snowshoe, ski or even dog sled in winter.

marche nordique
Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is great for staying in shape as it works around 80% of your body’s muscles. When done regularly, cross-country skiing improves your respiratory and cardiac systems. This activity is for all ages, as there are no sudden impacts on your joints because the effort is spread throughout your body. This outdoor sport lets you release stress. At Lus, you can enjoy optimal conditions: Near Camping Champ la Chèvre, there are trails through a natural landscape far from urban pollution. A peaceful setting enhances the benefits you get from this energetic activity. Afterwards, you can relax even more in the jacuzzi of our covered, heated swimming pool.

No. 60 Les Sarrazines blue mountain biking trail

Family-friendly trail passing through plains, hamlets, forest and river.
The initial uphill is a bit steep for beginners but can be avoided by going along Route du Mas Rebuffat.
Trail passes close to the Mas Rebuffat and Trabuëch sheep farms.

Can use an electric mountain bike

  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Effort level: Low
  • Distance: 10.218km
  • Uphill: 190m
  • Downhill: 195m
No. 61 Fontbelle red mountain biking trail

Forest trail offering panoramic views of the La Jarjatte vale. Trail passes through Fontbelle forest.
Trail passes close to the Mas Rebuffat and Trabuëch sheep farms.

  • Skill level: Experienced
  • Effort level: Low
  • Distance: 15.09km
  • Uphill: 466m
  • Downhill: 466m
No. 62 Chevalet red mountain biking trail

Trail passes through hamlets, climbs up the Les Amayères vale, continues through the picturesque Les Battants alpine pasture and winds through forest in the Grisail vale.
Trail passes close to sheep- and goat-farming alpine meadows. 

  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Effort level: Low
  • Distance: 17.38km
  • Uphill: 594m
  • Downhill: 594m
No. 63 Col Navite red mountain biking trail

Trail passes through the Les Chaumets forest and continues to Le Col Navite alpine meadow with views of the La Jarjatte mountain range. Trail descends along a long path through the Toussiérette vale countryside.
Trail passes close to Les Chaumets sheep-farming meadows.

  • Skill level: Experienced
  • Effort level: High
  • Distance: 16.672km
  • Uphill: 688m
  • Downhill: 688m
val de lus
No. 64 Val de Lus black mountain biking trail

Mountain biking trail on forest tracks Trail climbs uphill on the left bank of the Lus valley towards Le Col de Grimone. Then it passes through the forested vales of Godaire, Fourniou and Infournas. It takes you up to Le Col de la Croix Haute then drops back down on the valley’s right bank along the Mottaire trail.
Trail passes close to a goat farm at Mas Bourget.

  • Skill level: Experienced
  • Effort level: High
  • Distance: 24.175km
  • Uphill: 767m
  • Downhill: 767m
marmittes du diable
Les Marmites du Diable White water swimming

Between Buëch and Dévoluy you’ll find a few natural basins between the rocks, ideal for a refreshing dip in an exceptional natural setting. Some of these basins are easy to access, while others ask for a small hike.

toursime mont aiguille
Guided tour of Mont Aiguille

An unmissable landmark dominating the skyline over Trièves, the Mont Aiguille guided tour allows you to appreciate this majestic summit from all angles.
Enjoy spectacular vistas from the various viewpoints on this curious limestone tower detached from the East Balcony of the Vercors range, while hiking along a varied route passing through different types of countryside.

tourisme le chatel
Châtel (Calvin’s Bonnet)

Châtel’s summit offers splendid views over all of Trièves.
Its vast grassy plateau, a sharp contrast with its rocky belt, is a magnificent platform for enjoying great views of the lofty Obiou mountain.
Nicknamed ‘Calvin’s Bonnet’ due to its distinctive shape, Châtel is a must-do hike if you love panoramic views.

tourisme le jocou
The Jocou range

The Jocou mountain range reaches over 2000 m, and its very rich bird life includes snowfinches, ptarmigans and vultures.
The majority of this loop crosses alpine pastures grazed by large herds of sheep, so be careful to stay on the marked paths out of respect for the animals and their shepherds. 
The whole route follows the GR®93, except for the alternative path via Ventecul hill (marked in yellow and green).

vallon de la jarjatte
Valley of La Jarjatte Mountain sports

The Valley of La Jarjatte, dominated by the2453 metres culminating point of the Round Rock, is charming for the splendid landscapes that mingle thick forests and mountain tops. This protected nature site with steep rocks is ideal for mountain sports, from hiking to Via Ferrata and tree climb adventuring.