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Customer reviews Of Camping Champ la Chèvre in the Drôme region

Campers share their experience with you after staying at our 3-star campsite at Lus-la-Croix-Haute. Find out more about our setting, accommodation, services, amenities and activities before your next holiday in the Drôme region.


Camping Champ La Chèvre

Note moyenne sur 151 avis

Propreté 9/10
Emplacement 9.1/10
Activities 9/10
Rapport qualité/prix 9/10
Adapté aux enfants 9.2/10
Sanitaires 9.6/10
Accueil 9/10
Piscine 8.9/10
Paysage 9.7/10
Animation 8.8/10
Situation Géographique 9.5/10
Hébergement 9.1/10
Activités 7.9/10
8 10

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Beautiful camping with spacious areas in gorgeous scenery Beautifully situated camping. Spacious areas. Extra concern necessary about hygiene in toilets and showers. Swimming pool especially suitable for young children. Public swimming pool adjacent to camping very suitable for older children. Beautiful scenery. Very nice croissants and baguettes. Animation for children is various but all ages have to play together and that?s not always safe. It might be better to separate the younger and older children. It looks like the new camping owners still have to adapt to their new job.

Expérience du 17/08/2021
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Propreté 6/10
Emplacement 8/10
Rapport qualité/prix 8/10
Adapté aux enfants 8/10
Accueil 6/10
Piscine 7/10
Paysage 9/10
Situation Géographique 9/10
Hébergement 7/10
Activités 7/10

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9 10

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3 weeks holiday Very good stay. Great camping. One thing that could improve is if everyone working at the réception speaks basic English.

Expérience du 24/08/2019
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Rapport qualité/prix 8/10
Adapté aux enfants 10/10
Hébergement 8/10

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10 10

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Lovely week Campsite in a good location and chalet Elise at the top of the hill had lovely views but still near the pool etc. Tight for storage space for 4 people, not sure how 5 people would fit in! Children used the pool a lot on sunny and cloudy days. Will come back.

Expérience du 18/08/2018
Publié le 20/08/2018 (Voir plus)

Propreté 10/10
Emplacement 10/10
Rapport qualité/prix 8/10
Adapté aux enfants 10/10
Accueil 10/10
Piscine 10/10
Paysage 10/10
Situation Géographique 10/10
Hébergement 9/10

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