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Our environmental commitments for sustainable and socially responsible tourism

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Eco-responsible management of energy and water

  • Gradual change of bulbs and lamps with LED bulbs and devices, limitation of nighttime lighting, presence detectors, recent and efficient heat pump to heat pool water
  • Choice of new insulated rentals (RT2012 wooden chalets) and reinforcement of the insulation of existing rentals where possible (renovation of Alizé chalets with cork insulation under new wooden cladding)
  • Choice not to install air conditioning in our rentals, the nights being always quite cool at 1000 m altitude, even in summer, it is not necessary and avoids a major energy expenditure.
  • Installation of aerators in our showers, washbasins, sinks and Presto-type devices in collective bathrooms to limit water flow
  • Regular checks of our water and electricity consumption. Regular search for leaks and repairs, particularly for our swimming pool
  • Very limited watering and limitation of plantations requiring a lot of water
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Our waste and your waste Our waste and your waste. Reduce at source and sort better

  • Elimination of welcome kits and disposable bedding protections in rental properties: we provide washable sponges and dispensers of eco-labeled cleaning products (new for 2024), and equip our bedding with washable protections. We offer rental of washable sheets and not disposable sheets.
  • We encourage everyone to limit their waste and sort it properly. Our selective sorting area is complemented by a compost area and everyone can borrow a compost skip or sorting bags.
  • At the bar-restaurant, we use as many returnable products as possible: returnable water and beer bottles and we encourage our suppliers to reduce disposable packaging: returnable fruit and vegetable crates for example. We also compost all our green waste and sort all residual packaging.
  • We renovate our rental properties rather than replacing them with new ones: this is why the 4 Alizé chalets which were built 21 years ago were completely renovated in 2023. We also chose to build new chalets in 2023. sustainable wooden rather than installing new mobile homes whose lifespan is much shorter.
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Let's preserve biodiversity let's respect our exceptional environment

  • Our environment is majestic and the listed Jarjatte valley located 5 km from the campsite is exceptional for its biodiversity. We want our campsite to have a very limited impact and we strive to preserve it. This is why we work with the help of a landscaper to add suitable tree species and not to impact existing species.
  • We only use eco-labeled or eco-certified cleaning products.
  • We offer families and children activities in summer that highlight our natural environment: land’ art, discovery of our fauna and flora, our cultural and natural heritage thanks to our highly involved animator Jérôme

Anchor our activity locally and get involved

  • We are members of our Pays Diois tourist offic
  • We are certified Partner Inspiration Vercors and we are members of the ecohebergeur Biovallee® network
  • We provide as much support as possible to local tourism players who come to present their activity offers during our welcome drinks every Sunday in summer.
  • Our restaurant offers many local products and we source as much as possible from local producers (depending on their production capacity)
  • Our recruitment promotes local employment as much as possible.