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Drôme: full of vineyards And mountains

Discover the Drôme region with its undulating landscapes where grapevines and lavender grow. In these little villages built with stone, life follows the pace of the Provençal markets brimming with fragrances and colours.

Discover Drôme and its mountains, at the gateway to the Alps, which are a great playground for hikers and fans of outdoor sports and skiing once winter arrives. Head off on a walk around the listed Jarjatte Valley or attempt to climb the Rocher Rond, the highest point in the region.

lac du lauzon
Lake Lauzon hike

No. 47 loop track, 800 m change in altitude, 5 hours walking time. This hike takes you to Lake Lauzon.
The basin holding the lake surrounded by a rocky landscape provides stunning views of the natural, unspoilt setting.
Alpine newts live in the lake’s waters.
The changing vegetation includes the protected cotton-grass species.
Along the hike, you will discover a range of flower and plant species.
You might even come across a chamois, vulture or golden eagle.

tour du chevalet
Around Mount Chevalet

This hike takes you across alpine pastures offering unobstructed views.
The first uphill part follows the water course built by the shepherds, who created small waterfalls using stones they found nearby.
Mr Roger Durand, a shepherd, shared his childhood memories with me: “I watched over my father’s sheep and when I was a little boy I helped build these little dams so the herd could drink water. We worked hard in those days!”  
Take a moment at the Tournerond pass to rest and enjoy the views, watch the eagles soaring overhead and listen to the cries of the marmots.
After a slight downhill from the ridge you get to the Chante pass: alpine meadows scattered with thousands of springtime wild flowers including narcissus, pansy and orchis.
Nature is so beautiful in these peaceful, protected places.
Heading back to the hamlets of Sièzes and Amayères, you can discover alpine architecture.
Steeply sloping sheepfolds built with stones and flaky tiles. The houses cluster together.

jardins terres vivantes
Terre Vivante gardens A plethora of gardens

Created within a 50-hectare estate, the Terre Vivante ecological gardens are nestled in the French Alps between Vercors and Dévoluy. As you walk along, you will see vegetable gardens, ponds, thickets, meadows and more, which the gardeners managed to establish in poor-quality soil despite the harsh mountain climate.

Tours between 2pm and 6pm 
May and June: Sundays and bank holidays
July and August: every day 
September: 24 

+33 (0)4 76 34 36 35

bureaux de guide
En Montagne mountain guide and adventure bureau

En Montagne guides offer a varied, full schedule of tours
Via ferrata
Aqua trekking

Excursions are scheduled every day
Special price for our holidaymakers for the following excursions:
Agniele via ferrata, Wednesday and Friday
Marmittes du Diable canyoning, Wednesday 

ballades printanieres
The best spring walks at Lus-La-Croix-Haute Spring at Champ la Chèvre

Spring at Camping Champ la Chèvre
This is the season when the meadows are covered with flowers. A special time for experiencing the surrounding peaks: Lauzon, Les Aiguilles, Pic de l’Aigle, Clarée, Chamousset, Joccou and more.
All close to your accommodation at Champ la Chèvre.
Hikes can be arranged with a mountain guide who will introduce you to the region’s secrets and share their passion with your group.
After your hike, relax in our covered, heated swimming pool at Champ la Chèvre.
Let me introduce you to some flowers from our region between Drome and the Alps.

Spring flowers

Fritillaria is a reasonably rare plant which grows in the Hautes-Alpes. Regulations govern the picking of this flower. You can see it on hikes near our campsite, in the area of Riou.
The narcissus fill the fields with their fragrance in April and you can admire them up close right by Champ la Chèvre.
Pink, purple, blue and yellow orchis burst into full bloom from May onwards.

Blue is the star with:

Gentiana can be seen in several varieties: angustifolia and alpine.
Blue and white crocuses gather together in the pastures.
Alpine forget-me-nots grow in little clumps. Their flowers are blue with a yellow centre. 

Les grandes traversées du Vercors

We belong to GTV, a network of entities promoting and showcasing trails through the Vercors mountains. Journey along Vercors trails on foot, on horseback, with donkeys, by standard or mountain bike, and by snowshoe, ski or even dog sled in winter.

creations du bochaine
Creations of Beauchene

A St Julien en Beauchene, 10 minutes from the campsite, Creations of Beauchene buy their regional products: mohair retail, hand knitted garment,
pottery, natural cosmetics, jams ....

Canyoning, rock climbing and tree adventures

Let the 2 Vallées guides take you on canyoning, rock climbing, via ferrata, tree adventure and caving excursions.
For information and to make a booking, telephone +33 (0)6 89 88 04 31. 

la germanettes
Leisure site la Germanette Water fun in the mountains

This leisure site is set between the mountains. It is ideal for those who love swimming and nature. The lake offers various activities: swimming with lifeguard, water activities, paddling pool, etc. The site also organises sports and cultural events (concerts, shows, etc.). You can rent a boat or practise « blob jumping ».

centre equestre
Horse riding centre Horse riding in La Jarjatte

At the horse riding centre of Lus-la-Croix-Haute you can ride horses or pony’s on site, but also go for a ride in the beautiful landscape of the Drôme.

Châtillon en Diois11  ©Ludivine Marcon  OT Pays Diois
Châtillon-en-Diois Medieval and colourful village

In the setting of the Vercors, the beautiful village of Chatillon nestles between the lavender fields and the vineyards. The well preserved medieval centre is built around the castle that dominates the village. Along the cobblestoned streets you’ll find 20 flowery fountains and lovely houses.

Tastings of Clairette wine Cave de Die Jaillance

In this wine cellar, you can taste different varieties of Clairette de Die wines and visit the cellars. This is where the sparkling wine ages, a speciality from the Diois region.

distillerie pusteaux
Distillerie les Pusteaux - LA FAURIE Lavender production in the Drôme

This family farm grows lavender and organic lavandin. During a guided tour, you can discover the various steps of the production process and if you wish, you can buy different products made with lavender: essential oils, lavender flowers, seeds and Sylvester bread, etc.

ferme aux papillons
Butterfly farm A colourful show in Die

In a tropical garden you can assist a colourful ballet of hundreds of tropical butterflies, living in freedom here.

grotte de vallauris
Grotte de Valauris A cave in the rocks

n the hamlet of Mas Bourget in Lus, let your children discover a passage in the rock.
feet in the water and helping you handrail ascend the course of the water

La Jarjatte Ski resort and outdoor sports

Between 1200 and 1500 metres height, you’ll find the ski resort of the Drôme, with access to 6 alpine ski slopes that cross a splendid pine tree forest. The ideal setting to ski in a beautiful landscape. There is also a 22 km long Nordic skiing slope.

In the summer, you’ll find tens of hiking tracks and various outdoor sports such as Via Ferrata, climbing and bicycle descents from the ski lifts.

le claps
Le Claps Geological phenomenon in the Drôme

This impressive collapse of rocks in the Drôme river has created a pond for swimming in a natural environment, but you’ll also find a famous climbing and Via Ferrata site with more than 120 tracks.

rocher rond
The round rock Highest summit of the Drôme

With 2453 metres height, the Round Rock is the highest summit of the Drôme. The round summit, that gave name to the rock, dominates the valley of La Jarjatte and the 10 highest summits of the Drôme that are all higher than 2000 metres. This giant of mineral offers an alpine site to the Drôme as well as a few splendid hiking sites.

marmittes du diable
Les Marmites du Diable White water swimming

Between Buëch and Dévoluy you’ll find a few natural basins between the rocks, ideal for a refreshing dip in an exceptional natural setting. Some of these basins are easy to access, while others ask for a small hike.

Fishing for trout Fishing between the glaciers

Three lakes will invite you for fishing. In two of the lakes you’ll find trout, while the third lake houses roach. One of these lakes is only for no-kill fishing, and exclusively accessible to experienced anglers who bring their own material. You can picnic around the lakes.

vallon de la jarjatte
Valley of La Jarjatte Mountain sports

The Valley of La Jarjatte, dominated by the2453 metres culminating point of the Round Rock, is charming for the splendid landscapes that mingle thick forests and mountain tops. This protected nature site with steep rocks is ideal for mountain sports, from hiking to Via Ferrata and tree climb adventuring.

marche nordique
Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is great for staying in shape as it works around 80% of your body’s muscles. When done regularly, cross-country skiing improves your respiratory and cardiac systems. This activity is for all ages, as there are no sudden impacts on your joints because the effort is spread throughout your body. This outdoor sport lets you release stress. At Lus, you can enjoy optimal conditions: Near Camping Champ la Chèvre, there are trails through a natural landscape far from urban pollution. A peaceful setting enhances the benefits you get from this energetic activity. Afterwards, you can relax even more in the jacuzzi of our covered, heated swimming pool.

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